Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene

Mary MagdaleneSaint Mary Magdalene is a woman that is known to be the patron saint of Witnesses, Prostitutes and Devotion. She is also known to be the Apostle of Apostles and is seen as a woman in red robes holding a red hen’s egg.

The patronage of Witnesses comes from it being known that Saint Mary Magdalene was witness to many of the miracles that Jesus performed as well as his crucifixion, burial and resurrection. She is one of whom helps people understand and accept the miracles that occur in their life so that they are open and receptive to the many miracles that happen everyday.

Saint Mary Magdalene was one of whom had no issue with helping those of which were seen as ‘sinners’ and ‘impure’ by others at the time. This included those who were in the profession of prostitution. She looked after these women and helped them in anyway she could. Unfortunately, her association with these women led to her being labelled as a prostitute herself. Though it is unclear whether she was or not, she has become the patron saint of these people and she helps them in the modern day as well.

It is through her helping those spurned by society and her commitment to helping Jesus that she has become known as the patron of Devotion. Saint Mary Magdalene helps all who are struggling with the devotion to the spiritual life that so many are drawn towards. She can help all who call upon her with this as she has shown great devotion towards a cause herself in her physical lifetime as well. Her devotion to Jesus was so great that it is believed that when challenged by Roman Emperor, Tiberius Caesar, about the truth of Jesus, the egg Saint Mary Magdalene held turned red with the blood of Jesus. Such devotion has become symbolised as the Easter Eggs that people dye different colours each year.

Whilst Saint Mary Magdalene holds each of her roles close to her heart, she respects everyone’s Free Will and as such will not act unless one asks for the help. As such, a prayer is an ideal way to ask for her and God’s help. An example of a prayer that can be utilised is:

‘Dearest God and Saint Mary Magdalene, thank you for helping me in the ways of understanding the miracles in my life and ensuring that my devotion is strong in my spiritual practices. For this, I give thanks. Amen.’

A simple, yet very effective in bringing forth their assistance and help. Though it is very important to always remember to give thanks for all that they do.

As Saint Mary Magdalene helps everyone in the ways of Witnessing Miracles, caring for prostitutes and Devotion to spiritual practices, it is important to remember that anyone and everyone can call upon her and God at any time. No matter how small the request may seem, both Saint Mary Magdalene and God will always help.