Goddess Nyx

NyxNyx is known to be the Goddess of Night, Darkness and Protection in the Greek Pantheon. She often appears as an older tall woman with raven black hair and a dress that sparkles like the night sky.

As she is known as the Goddess of Night, Nyx is said to be the embodiment of the night-sky and as such, watches over everyone during this time. She makes sure that all are safe during the night-time hours. Be they spent asleep, at work or at play, Nyx is there to keep all safe.

Nyx ensures everyone’s safety through her energy of Darkness and the Element of Dark. As she controls the Element of Dark, Nyx can keep the negative energies that dwell in the night at bay so they cannot harm anyone. This is especially true with any demons that cause nightmares and other such nasty events through the night.

In doing so, Nyx comes forth with her Cloak of Protection that she wraps around all who ask her for help during the night or at any time negative energies are wreaking havoc. It is her wish that all in Creation are kept safe in their lives – day or night. As it is a Cosmos of Duality, Nyx does what she can to keep the balance with the Element of Dark. That is, keeping all safe within it.

Whilst Nyx holds each of her roles close to her heart, she respects everyone’s Free Will and as such will not act unless one asks for the help. As such, a prayer is an ideal way to ask for her and God’s help. An example of a prayer that can be utilised is:

‘Dearest God and Nyx, please keep me safe from any wayward negative energies throughout my waking and sleeping hours. For this, I give thanks. Amen.’

A simple, yet very effective in bringing forth their assistance and help. Though it is very important to always remember to give thanks for all that they do.

As Nyx helps all in the ways of understanding the Night and Darkness as well as protecting all throughout, it is important to remember that anyone and everyone can call upon her and God at any time. No matter how small the request may seem, both Nyx and God will always help.