Quan Yin

Lady Quan Yin

Quan Yin

Quan Yin is a Divine-Being that is known as an Ascended Lady Master, that is, a woman who lived on Earth before ‘ascending’ to the higher realms to help humanity from there. She is often seen as being draped in soft white robes and often standing on a lotus with a Jade Vase in her hands, Quan Yin is believed to have lived in China about 2,000 years ago as a princess called Maoshan. She is known to be associated with the energies of Love, Healing and Compassion.

As Quan Yin is associated with the energies of Love, she is a wonderful being to call upon in order to connect with the Love of the Self and others. With the help of Quan Yin, anyone and everyone can find the love that is deep within themselves and express this upon themselves and those around them.

In doing this, Quan Yin helps all heal through the powers of Love. Such powers enable one to look after one’s self better as they feel better about themselves. The same goes for looking after their loved ones. The more love that is there, the better care is taken of those around them. Especially in the ways of health.

While she does these things, Quan Yin also focuses on the energy of Compassion of which can be equated to ‘Wise-Love’. This is especially true as Quan Yin works with the Peach Ray of Compassion of which is a combination of the Yellow Ray of Wisdom and the Rose-Pink Ray of Love. Such Compassion can heal and help anyone and everyone that it shines upon. All that needs to happen is a request for Quan Yin and such a Ray to help with God’s blessing.

Whilst Quan Yin holds each of her roles close to her heart, she respects everyone’s Free Will and as such will not act unless one asks for the help. As such, a prayer is an ideal way to ask for her and God’s help. An example of a prayer that can be utilised is:

‘Dear God, I ask that you to send Quan Yin forth with the Peach Ray of Compassion so that myself and my loved ones are healed easily and gracefully of anything that is causing us a lack of love in our lives. For this, I give thanks. Amen.’

A simple, yet very effective in bringing forth their assistance and help. Though it is very important to always remember to give thanks for all that they do.

As Quan Yin helps in the areas of Love, Healing and Compassion, it is important to know that anyone and everyone can call upon her and God at any time. No matter how small the request may seem, both Quan Yin and God will always help.