Archangel Raphael


Archangel Raphael is an Archangel that often appears as a tall man with an aura of soft-red and wings of magenta who holds a healing staff known as the Caduceus. Archangel Raphael is known to be the Archangel of Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing and Safe Travel. His name literally means ‘God Heals’ and as such is known as Heaven’s Physician.

As Archangel Raphael is known to be Heaven’s Physician and the Archangel of Healing, he is the perfect Archangel to call upon in the areas of Physical Healing. With his Caduceus in hand, he will not only remove anything slowing the healing process, but his Red Angelic Healing Ray will help to stimulate wound healing on an energetic level that resonates through the atoms and molecules into the physical cells.

Whilst his Red Angelic Healing Ray focuses on Physical Healing, Archangel Raphael has another ray that is the Green Angelic Ray of Spiritual Healing. He uses this ray to help heal the wounds that occur in the energy field. These wounds happen through emotional trauma and other energetic attacks through thought, word and action. With his Green Angelic Healing Ray, Archangel Raphael uses his Caduceus like a ‘3D Printer’ that places layer upon layer of healing energy upon the wounds until they are healed.

Archangel Raphael also has an important role in that of ensuring Safe Travel. This is especially important for as everyone travels, there is the chance of physical or energetic injury. When anyone asks for him to watch over them as they travel, Archangel Raphael will place his Caduceus in the centre of the method of travel, be it plane, train, car, bus or boat, and extend his energy as a bubble of protection to ensure that all are safe. He will even work with Archangel Michael and take the form of birds to show that they are around keeping everyone safe from harm.

Whilst Archangel Raphael holds each of his roles close to his heart, he respects everyone’s Free Will and as such will not act unless one asks for the help. As such, a prayer is an ideal way to ask for his and God’s help. An example of a prayer that can be utilised is:

‘Dearest God and Archangel Raphael, I ask that you keep me healthy and whole, in body, mind and soul. For this, I give thanks. Amen.’
A simple, yet very effective in bringing forth their assistance and help. Though it is very important to always remember to give thanks for all that they do.

As Archangel Raphael helps in the areas of Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing and Safe Travel, it is important to know that anyone and everyone can call upon him and God at any time. No matter how small the request may seem, both Archangel Raphael and God will always help.