Abundant Gifts Featuring Goddesses Lakshmi & Abundantia

Abundant Gifts Featuring Goddesses Lakshmi & Abundantia

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Abundant Gifts offers you two amazing guided meditations led by Goddess Hecate designed to help you become abundant in all your endeavours.

In the first meditation we focus on your wants, that is the larger non-necessities of life that we all enjoy! To discover the key to this abundance you will head on a virtual treasure hunt where you will gather the pieces for a powerful gift to help resonate abundance in your heart. This journey sees the beautiful energy of Goddess Lakshmi appear, where together with Goddess Hecate they create a powerful visualisation that once learnt can remain in your heart for anytime you feel the desire to enhance your heartbeat to the rhythm of abundance.

In the second meditation we focus on your basic needs, that is food, water, shelter and such. To enhance this area of your life you will receive a gift from Goddess Abundantia, which together with the Torches of Truth with Goddess Hecate, offers you a unique way to help illuminate your journey and open yourself to the abundance of life.

To further help you become prosperous we have also included a track of Financial Freedom affirmations taken from our Adrenaline Affirmations Audio Series. This track follows after both mediations and is perfect to further enhance your abundance of now.

Our Abundant Gifts also features a special introduction about the meditations from Goddess Hecate. Combined with the meditations and affirmations, this is indeed a wonderful opportunity for you to bring about great changes of abundance in your life.

The total duration of these recordings is 75 minutes and the meditations were recorded live by a crackling camp fire on a cool winter’s night in Chiltern, Victoria, Australia on the night of a Super Moon. That is a night where the moon is at its closest to Earth and is at its brightest. It features natural sounds of this unique environment to further enhance this guided meditation and whenever you choose to listen to this recording, you can be sure the energies are just as strong around you as when it was first recorded.

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