Book Of Manifestation Featuring Archangel Uriel

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This amazing guided meditation with Goddess Hecate combines with the energy of Archangel Uriel to help you to discover more about the power of your words.

Guided by Goddess Hecate’s Torches of Truth and with the protection of Archangel Michael, you will sit with Archangel Uriel where he will present to you a gift. This gift will help you to discover more about creating a Book of Manifestation. Known by many names, this ancient book is one of great power and magic where, when used correctly, can manifest great things in your life.

This meditation is much more than a virtual guide, for once you have received the visualisation and understand the power of the Book of Manifestation, you will be given a real world task of creating the very book you receive in this visualisation. Upon creating your Book as guided, you will then return to this meditation to fully unlock the key to its magic! Once unlocked your affirmations and words that you choose to write in it, soon will take on a journey all of their own.

This guided channelled meditation is 41 minutes in duration and was recorded live by Woolshed Cascades in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia. It features the natural sounds of this unique environment to further enhance this guided meditation. Combined with the energies within its words, it indeed offers a unique journey for all who choose to discover the magic of the Book of Manifestation.

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