Magical Reality Featuring Goddess Isis

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This amazing channelled guided meditation with Goddess Hecate combines with the energy of Goddess Isis to help you achieve the life of your dreams.

You will journey and be led to the actual cave and waterfall where this meditation was recorded. Once there, Goddess Isis will join you with a wonderful healing energy to clear your blocks and remove that which holds you back. Together with the energies of the Divine you will discover a unique visualisation and indeed more about how to use the power of your words to create the reality of your choice.

This meditation offers you the keys and power to change your life, now. If you feel that you are not where you would like to be or if you have dreams and goals that you find a challenge to achieve, this meditation will help you. It’s all in your choice of now.

This guided channelled meditation is 41 minutes in duration and was recorded live at Paradise Falls in King Valley, Victoria, Australia on a cool winters day. It features wonderful natural sounds of this waterfall and environment to further enhance this guided meditation and offers you a unique experience for all who choose to discover its magic.

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