Reflections Of You Featuring Adonis

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Journey with Goddess Hecate to the days of old as we explore the world of Olympia in this unique guided meditation.

As you roam the paths of old, you will discover a unique cave where you will sit and receive a gift from Adonis. This gift will show you your true reflection, that is the reflection of your true soul. A soul of Divine Love & Beauty.

This unique guided meditation is perfect for those times when you feel your self-esteem is at a low. It will help connect you to your true beauty and reflection of inner love. It also helps seek the truth of any any baggage that you may be holding on to and with the blessing of Archangel Michael clears this from your auric field.

The total duration of this meditation is 31 minutes and was recorded live upon the top of Mount Buffalo, Victoria, Australia. It features intense energies and whenever you choose to embark on your journey of self-love you too will be enveloped into its loving embrace. It also features natural sounds of this unique environment to further enhance this guided meditation and is indeed a wonderful journey for all who choose it.

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